I Can Write

About KidzCopy

I decided to make the I Can Write Educational Series of Worksheets when my eldest daughter was 5 years old. She had just started school and was keen and excited to learn how to write and was always asking for help. She knew the basic shapes of the letters and numbers, simple words and how to write the family names, but she was not getting the cursive style quite right. The cursive font, that is taught in school now, is chosen to facilitate the progression to full flowing writing they will need moving into high school and adulthood.

I felt that when she does learn how to write at school, she would still be writing the way she is now and be constantly corrected by the teacher.

I also found that when I did write something on paper for her to copy, I too, was not writing the correct way – Victorian Cursive Script (Western Australia) – but instead, I was writing the way that I was taught at school all those years ago - which is pretty much nothing like they do now. The I Can Write worksheets are designed to help parents help their children practice their writing. They are easy to use and free.

The I Can Write worksheets consist of 4 main activities:

I am currently working on other worksheet ideas as well as producing the worksheets in fonts for other Australian States and other countries. If you have any requests, please use the contact form.