I Can Write

Laminate and Reuse Worksheets to Help the Environment

There are two ways in which to use your I Can Write Worksheets.

  1. Print them out on normal printer paper and allow your children to draw on them with normal markers or pens
  2. To be Eco Friendly (and shouldn't we all be with the state of the world at the moment), print out the pages onto a thicker card type paper and laminate them. Then use whiteboard markers and use the worksheets over and over again.

What you need for the Eco Friendly way:

White Printer Card Use 200gsm if your printer will allow it.
A4 Laminating Sheets Make sure that you try and get the sheets with the rounded corners as the normal square corners are very sharp and could really hurt a small child. If you can't get the rounded corner sheets, please make sure that you trim the sharp corners off using sissors.
Cleaning Cloth I prefer to use a standard dish cloth which you can get in the laundry aisle of any supermarket.
Whiteboard Markers Ikea have a lovely pack of coloured markers. But any erasable whiteboard marker will do.
Plastic Envelope This is handy to neatly pack all the sheets, cloth and pens neatly away for next use. As with the cloth, you can generally get one of these from the stationary aisle of the supermarket. Getting one which has a press stud or zipper type opening is handy so that the worksheets, cloth and pens don't easily fall out - as long as the children do it up, which is often easier said than done!