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Font Choice

Not sure which font you should be teaching your child?
Throughout the schools in Australia different fonts are used depending on which state the school is in. I have constructed the worksheets for a number of fonts. If you are in Australia, I am in the process of doing the worksheets in all the fonts used in Australian Schools (don't ask me why they don't all use the same font in all states, as I am as confused as you).

Australian School Fonts:

Note the slight changes in the slant, and the letters b, f, g, p, t and z.

WA, NT, Vic




South Australia

American School Fonts


Still to come:
  • Zaner-Boser, Getty_Dubay Italic - United States Schools
If you require a different font than these, then please send me a request using the contact form and I will do my best to get it done as soon as possible.


  • Cursive Handwriting explains the use of the Victorian Modern Cursive Font used in Western Australian Schools.
  • The images used in the worksheets were bought from clipart.com.